Flash Integration with Photoshop, After Effects, and Sound Booth

Mike Downey just showed the new Photoshop’s dockable panels like Flash has. Additionally, they can minimize now to a smaller version. He is also showing the new Flash 9 interface. The crowd enjoys the importing of PSD’s natively into Flash 9 via the new Photoshop importer dialogue. I know this was showed before, but she looks different. Flash 9 has an updated GUI; the interface is softer, looks more put togeter… like.. you know… Adobe’s style.

He’s also showing after the content is embedded it is respecting the Photoshop effect layers. Since it utilizes Flash Player’s built in layer modes, it saves file size.

Steve Kilisky elaborates on the future of After Effects. It’s all… dark gray. He’s showing the puppet tool. It’s like a wooden doll that has pins on the joints. Everytime he moves a pin, it makes a keyframe. It’s got an image mapped to this set of pins, so you can make the image dance; pretty hot, reminds me of path text, but it’s got skew I think.

It seems to somehow to update in Flash… I have no caffeine me, so I can’t really elaborate. Another thing is After Effects can batch export FLV’s, and yes, has native support for the FLV codec with the alpha channel supported.

Whoa… Mike Downey is role playing with Steve as a real client. I’ve gotta get Downey in our yet to be played D&D game!

New audio tool? What what? “Sound Booth”? Hrm… looks really simple. Mulitrack. Similiar interface to the new After Effects. Has a “task” based workflow.

Mike Downy asks for less guitar and more cowbell.

Sound Booth will be on Adobe Labs this week. I’ll be sure to unfairly compare it to ACID, SoundForge, Logic, and Reason of course, hehe.

Mike’s showing the imported FLV from After Effects with the alpha channel. Looks good; puppet’s got moves.

3 Replies to “Flash Integration with Photoshop, After Effects, and Sound Booth”

  1. after effects can batch export flvs? not the one I have. Can’t add flvs to the render queue, and can only export flvs one at a time.

  2. Chuck
    I think AE 7 only allows exports to flv files from drop down menu
    The new AE CS allows adding compositions to the render cue and then selecting flv as the output.
    That way you can do a bunch at a time.

  3. this soundbooth and flash integration is bullshit. In fact, my flash v8 hardly even recognize mp3 files created with this soundbooth tool (it shows that they are much bigger than they in fact are – so they are useless). Even Audacity seems to work better and it is free…

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