Heard this phrase used today to describe egregious usage of Flash. It was described also as:

Using Flash for the sake of using Flash

Funny. Apparently an outdated defintion exists on Wikipedia. Ah, how I’ve missed the design industry. I’ve gone from Irrelevant Implementation Details to Flashterbation. I reckon Flexterbation is when you use copious amounts of transitions because you can.

5 Replies to “Flashterbation”

  1. Well personally if I have a choice to do something in HTML or Flash I select Flash. Could be me, but I’M A FLASH DEVELOPER. And since most people have the Flash 8 player nowadays what’s the harm?

    I know that’s a flawed argument so have fun.


  2. The example given spoke of using a small, 35×35 square that masked out an image. You could drag it to see the full image. Instead of showing the entire image, you were forced to drag this little box. It did nothing to sell the product, and my guess is, the creative director thought it was cool so ordered it in there just to have it in there.

    It’s that blatant ‘use it ’cause it’s cool’ not ‘use it because it’s appropriate’ type deal.

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