Speaking About Flex 2 for FMUG.az

I’m speaking about Flex 2 this evening to the folks at FMUG.az, and it will also be broadcast & recorded via Breeze. I’ll be doing an overview of the technologies, and show some my favorite features through some code examples I’ve built. Specifically, I’ll be covering:

  1. What Flex 2 is & why you should care
  2. Flash Player 9 (formerly known as 8.5)
  3. ActionScript 3
  4. Flex Builder 2, the new IDE & plugin for Eclipse 3.1
  5. Flex Framework 2
  6. Briefly touch on Mystic, the ColdFusion 7.0.1 updater
  7. Briefly touch on Blaze, beta name for Flash 9

I have an immense amount of material to cover in 2 hours, so I welcome questions before (comment on this blog), during, and after the presentation. You should come away understanding what Flex 2 is, what technologies make up Flex 2, and how each part can benefit your Flash, Flex, server-side, and/or general Rich Internet Application work.

It starts at 6:30pm Arizona time, 9:30pm eastern time (GMT -5), and you can get the Breeze link from here.

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  1. I tried to Breeze in from here in Australia (it was around 10:00 am here) but had to leave as I got called away to do some ‘real’ work. I will track down the recording if/when it is available. Can’t wait see the whole presentation.

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