I Blogged Your Mom

I was shopping at the mall for some new diggs, and while in Hot Topic purchasing the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory sunglasses, I spotted a shirt that said, “I Blogged Your Mom”. WTF?

I can understand if I were 16 again, and I spotted my friend’s mom nekkid or something and I blogged the experience… but… there has to be some other meaning there. I know I’m over-analyzing it, but I can usually port reason to some of the insane, teenage angst shirts I see, just not this one.

One really cool one was of the dog from Family Guy dressed up in a banana costume with maracas and it said It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Not sure how Family Guy fits in, but hey, it’s a phat tune so who cares.

Speaking of shirts, I got wasd, insert coin, and Hadouken v2 for my birthday.

5 Replies to “I Blogged Your Mom”

  1. I think I saw that one at Hot Topic last week too. Would it help if I said that it was next to a shirt that said ‘Your Mom upside down is Wow.’?

    Actually, you kind of had it right. The idea being that a mom might have been seen nekkid was the whole point.

    (I was there with my daughter and checking out some new additions to my Happy Bunny collection.)

  2. It would of been better if they said ‘I Flickr’d Your Mom’, or even more demographically accurate, ‘I Blogged Your Mom on Myspace’… :: shrugs ::

    Good to know I got the innuendo!

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