DrawingPad for Flex 2

A simple drawing pad for Flex 2, beta 2. Someone had asked on the Flexcoders list if there was a drawing component in Flex 2. This has been done countless times in Flash, so I wanted to use this as a reason to learn about some of the chagnes to UIComponent. There aren’t as many as I thought; easy to get up to speed if you’ve ever built a component in Flash MX 2004, Flash 8, or Flex 1.5.

There are a ton of things I could add to this, but I wanted to keep it simple for others to easily dive into the code. It took 4 hours to do, and while it uses next to no MXML, I am reminded how enjoyable it is to code ActionScript in Flex Builder 2.

Requires Flash Player 8.5 beta.

DrawingPad – App | Source | ZIP

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  1. Great work Jesse as Usual……

    Its dare to publish such a valuable code for community reference…..

    You really helping the Flex community by your kind way

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