Movement Mystique & Meetings are Bad for You

I go to pay for my sandwhich in Subway wearing my “wasd” shirt with shoulder length hair, and the cashier, a petite, older teen asks, “Are you a hacker?”.

I smile and reply, “I try.”

Apparently the console has a stranglehold on the gaming market vs. the pc if “wasd” isn’t widely known. The gender card is bs because when I spoke at a middle-school 3 years ago for career day, every girl in every class I spoke to raised their hand when I asked who played video games.

Also, my man Steven Sacks, the deep house DJ, pointed me to this article briefly describing a study showing that meetings are bad for your health. The article has a sarcastic feel, I don’t know the authenticity of the researchers, nor if this is an accurate portrayal of their research methodology, so much of it I question. Still, like most studies, while they usually result in a unified, “Duh!” from most of us, at least you have “scientific study & research” to point to now.

3 Replies to “Movement Mystique & Meetings are Bad for You”

  1. Meetings.. Birthday Thursday.. all that stuff is bad for you because you blood pressure tends to rise from the anger felt at wasting time you could be using to make deadlines. Especially when they want to discuss project deadlines. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    I like the WASD shirt. I think my favorite is RTFM.

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