Flashcoders is Down… WITH THE SICKNESS!!!

Da system… sis-sis-sis-sytem…is down. Dude, my wife was doing user testing last week, and a 14 year-old girl bought that song as her ring tone… insanity. I hope my kids learn to mosh at a young age as well.

Got an email questioning what’s up with Flashcoders, the premiere Flash… er I mean Flash coding email list. Apparently all of Chattyfig’s lists (that we care about) are down (Flashcoders, Flashnewbie, Flashcom, etc.). Here’s what I know. It was down like Sunday evening, and hasn’t been back up since. Dave Watts, the admin, posted an email saying they had moved the email servers across the street. Then, nothing…

So, for those on withdrawl, here’s my infered next emails, in order:

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash player 8.5 and ActionScript 3.0
“…omg, .NET cannot be consumed on a MAC… unless there is salt, LOL, OMFG!!! ROFLMASOSHIPDFDFD!!!”

[Flashcoders] What is a Delegate?
“onPress = function? My this is confused. Must… eat… chili…”

[Flashcoders] RE: Re: FW: Re: [SPAM-LOW] HELP!!!
“I would like to code. Tank, I need an AS1 w/ Flash MX, stat! Thank you.”

5 Replies to “Flashcoders is Down… WITH THE SICKNESS!!!”

  1. Cue the endless ‘test’ posts and ‘is their something wrong….’ mails when it finally comes back on line.

    maybe I should’ve said ‘if’?


  2. ‘I haven’t received emails from Flashcoders for the past 24 hours’ man, you called it! That’ll be the #1 post, with about 10 copies.

    Yeah dude, she’ll be back, can’t keep a good list down. Dave mentioned he just moved the servers, so they are pobably just having networking issues with no freetime to resolve it.

  3. that list sucks, and has since about a month after branden hall started it. I hate flash. Wait, I love flash… it’s how I pay my mortgage!

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