Microsoft Pays Real Bling

Sad day for the industry (not bad at all compared to the horrible earthquake in Pakistan & floods in Guatemala).

Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, agreed to pay RealNetworks Inc. about $761 million as part of a settlement that removes one of the last major antitrust lawsuits brought by a Microsoft competitor. RealNetworks shares surged as much as 48 percent.

The article goes on to quote an analyst saying the surge in stock is because of ensured cofindence in RealNetworks’ ability to survive alone in the market.

If you can’t manage $30,000, you can’t manage $3 million. Let’s hope that this rule applies to Real’s ability, or hopefully lack thereof, to stay afloat. Competition is a good thing, but they suck, ethically and technically.

Too bad their stock went up; now I can’t be afford to be a majority shareholder, and launch verbal nukes in their board meetings. Dammit.

Via her majesty.

4 Replies to “Microsoft Pays Real Bling”

  1. Yes they do suck – I haven’t been seeing to many demands for Real Player to watch a video on the web lately.

    Oh well – their stock will plumment again due to their poor platform

  2. agreed.. if only there was a button dedicated to making them drop off the face of the earth. I’d push it everyday until I die, and twice on sundays :D

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