Flash Developers, Witness The Future

What’s it like to be a “Flex Developer”? Check out Mike Chamber’s taping of Kevin Lynch showing the lucky attendees’ of Web 2.0 the 411 on Flex Builder 2 (running in Flash Player 8.5 utilizing the Flex Framework 2). Acknowledge those who have confirmed that Flex 0W|\|z jU (me, Ted, JD, Darron, Mike C), and develop RIA’s the fun way! If your so inclined, add Flash to spice it up, capitalize on exclusive features, get another opinion and contemplate your place in the future that is more power, bequeathed to the rich media masses.


5 Replies to “Flash Developers, Witness The Future”

  1. ummmmm…..WHOA! Holy Mother of …………. WOW! ………(just repeat that for about 2 hours straight)

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