Screenweaver Goes Open Source

To quote my manager, “HOLY [edit] FISH!!! Edwin van Rijkom LIVES!”.

Before there was mProjector, before Zinc (formerely Flash Studio Pro) was yum, there was Screenweaver, and man was it cool. It had callbacks to ActionScript functions so if you wanted to read the local file system, you got a callback when it was done with an array full of folder and filenames. Cool stuff like that in a nice and comprehensive API. The best part was that Screenweaver was used to create Screenweaver. Good stuff! Then it “fell asleep“.

To quote the post:

“…After I had a little chat with Darron a few days back, I’ve
been working on bringing the Screenweaver 3 code base up to date: I’ve
decided to release it open source.

Under the same licence (GNU GPL) I will also release a new development
effort called Screenweaver Core. This might be of specific interest to
this list due to the open architecture. Read more about it here.

I’ll need about one or two weeks to get everything organized properly,
after which both projects will be available through OSFlash.


Edwin van Rijkom…”

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  1. This is great news, I have been using it intensively in the past, this product is magic, their API is very well done, I have integrated it with FTP ActiveX controls, used it to perform printScreens, created a messenger like application etc …
    I was sad when it was discontinued, so this is a verrrry good surprise.
    Thanks for sharing,

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