RadioButtons & Damn Doctors

Just a note about RadioButtons; they do some cleanup via an onUnload. What this means is, you can’t remove them (removeMovieClip/destroyObject) and immediately repopulate their depth until they have run their onUnload command. Therefore, it is an appropriate place to utilize a doLater (basically waiting 1 frame).

A sore throat & 1 degree tempature; symptoms which cause panic hysteria at my house if my wife showcases them. Take her to the doctor, and they confirm it’s a minor virus, like a minor strep throat, that one can get easily, and isn’t infectious.

BS. I have been hot as a mug (even with a semi-fixed AC) since 11:00, and my throat is sore. This ensures I’ll not be hitting that rave that was at the Compound this weekend and instead sitting at my parents house in the west-side version of middle of nowhere, getting fauned upon by mother who makes good coffee for her sick son, while I’ll fiddle with “experimental software” on the new wireless they don’t need, but I plan to setup for them whilst my her majesty is up north giving a baby a shower.

4 Replies to “RadioButtons & Damn Doctors”

  1. I just finished having strep throat, not fun at all…

    I say take two RadioButtons, if pain persists see your GP or nearest bar which serves whiskey (it clears up everything except cancer heh)

  2. my husband is a looney! I was not giving a baby shower, my virus WAS infectious, and I do not cause mass histeria when i am sick! You should have heard jesse whine when I said ‘I dont feel well’ he would say ‘neither do I!’

    GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna post in this blog one day MR!!!

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