Hangin’ in BF2

Having problems even reading email; chest cold makes me wanna just collapse in bed all day to watch the History Channel. Doesn’t the virus know I’d rather be coding?

Anyway, I think the funniest thing in gaming the past 2 years has been when physic engines screw up; case in point, here in Battlefield 2 where my legs have fused with the roof after taking a direct hit from artillery.

5 Replies to “Hangin’ in BF2”

  1. lol nice. Yea arty can do some weird/cool things to the bf2 body. I think I still hold the record of in-flight vertical from arty.

    But, man, how I still love that game…

  2. And to add: I don’t know what is worse, hanging there for all to view your mangled body or being killed by a guy named Biggles.


  3. Whats even better, is getting killed while climbing a ladder. Your body will slowly crawl its way down the ladder, catching on the rail every once and a while :)

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