No Gas

No petrol. Katrina had shutdown enough oil refineries here in the southern states to knock out 10% of our gas supply. I read on a CNN sub-title today that a few are back in production. I saw $3.09 at a small local gas station, and laughed, remembering just last week it was $2.69, and remember dreading the news her majesty said about it reaching $3.00 by the end of the year.

I was going to be snobbish, and refuse to pay, but now apparently I can’t; there is none. 2 west coasters had emailed me asking if I was ok. Yeah, I’m fine. Georgia’s fine. Not sure what TV show people had seen, but the hurricane missed us; the only thing we got were heavy thunderstorms, lots of rain, and high winds. We get that every 10 minutes, that’s why everything’s green here, so no worries.

Her majesty and I had the flu since last Thursday, and only yesterday have we felt good enough to leave the house.

However, the gas thing was weird. First, there were “rumors” of a gas shortage, and some quotes on the AJC that people were running out of gas near the perimeter (the highway that loops around Atlanta). Apparently, it was later a false rumor. Now, it’s a self-fullfilling prophecy; even as far north as I am, gas stations at the end of the day were taking down their signs and numbers.

Sushi & Mexican are 5 miles from my house, so we don’t use any gas going there yesterday and today, but for work, it’s different. Her majesty’s boss didn’t go yesterday, instead working from home. I think a lot of other people are following suit. Crazy waterfall effect on Atlanta.

Imagine that; the first time there is no traffic on Atlanta highways, no one can see it! At least the people that have to deal with it, anyway…

Me? Well, I’m unemployed, so no where to go anytime soon anyway… cept’ to see the Transporter 2 tomorrow; got half-a-tank, so we’re good to go!

Besides, I’m a geek, internet works just fine.

Still, my heart and prayers go out to those affected by Katrina’s deadly wake. If the terrorists attack, it’s now confirmed it’s every man for himself in the aftermath… at least until 5 business days. Her majesty and I discussed over dinner the quantities of water, canned goods, and ammunition we could stash to survive stationary, as well as exit stategies in case of a nuclear/biological attack far enough away from the fallout; any excuse to go camping.

Here are some pictures of the local grocery store’s gas station closed, and my favorite local corner store with closed gas pumps. Parents talked about stuff like this happening before I was born, naturally assuming it’d never happen in my lifetime.

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  1. hehe i wonder how bad its for you in the states, that your gas now costs nearly HALF THE PRICE that we pay for it in europe….

  2. yeah, up here in alpahretta the pumps near me have been empty. A couple stations had some this morning. Can we say telecommuting?

    zooli, yup, I joked with an Indian coworker friday about gas here. ‘I bet you are laughing at us spoiled Americans, eh?’ says me. He replied that it is common for gas stations to be empty in India.

    suppose fancy flown in fish is going to cost an arm and leg soon here too.

  3. There’s this really neat invention called a Bicycle. Public transportation also works pretty good. In fact, they have bike racks on all the busses here (though, to be fair, they’re not really used barely at all).

    The worst part about gas is that you really can’t do anything by simply reducing your personal consumption. Provided you eat or buy stuff you’re at oil’s mercy.

    Right now, though, fear is the factor causing shortages. If we’re lucky, though, it will trigger some good and somehow (I wish I knew how) help ween us off the stuff.

    Hang in there!

  4. What’s really weird, is here in Tracy, CA Safeway used to have the absolute lowest price in town. Now they’re the worst for some reason. 76 has 2.98, and Safeway is 3.19. I guess safeway’s suppliers are in a squeeze.

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