Can’t wait for Zorn? Get FDT!

The development tool for for Flash, FDT could replace the “A” in FAME. Typically, one would use ASDT (ActionScript development tool) for code hinting, coloring, and creation/recognization of ActionScript in Eclipse.

They have a lot of great demos done in Captivate, and documentation if you care to read instead.

Check it out!

5 Replies to “Can’t wait for Zorn? Get FDT!”

  1. So you’re saying FDT can compile MXML in swf’s and includes the newer UI Components? Wow! 200 Euros is a steal when you think about what Macromedia will charge for Zorn!

  2. Uh… no. It’s a good alternative to ASDT to help your Flash Development when using Eclipse instead of the Flash IDE. Go check to the site to learn more; the feature list should make it clear.

  3. I think it looks cool and did try it out, its better than ASDT but not $243 better… if it was $99 I’d be interested, I’ll stick with ASDT for now :)

  4. I’m worried that this product could potentially kill ASDT development.

    I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  5. Naw, there are enough people in the world who refuse to pay for software, are open source zealots, or who merely enjoy their tool enough that they wouldn’t change.

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