Battlefield 2: Fix a memory leak with more RAM

The problem with drugs is one knows they are bad, but they keep using them; repetitive, self-destructive behavior.

Same thing with me playing Battlefield 2; it crashes EVERY GAME, but I enjoy it so much that I keep re-launching it. After removing the intro demo movies, the launch time is quick enough that I can get back into the action in 1 minute. However, I’ve already lost 1 keyboard, and got syrup on my carpet in response to the crashes…

Upon a classic “sound repeats, game locks up”, I did a Control+ALT+Delete to see how much RAM & CPU BF2 was using. I noticed 387megs of RAM, which was extremely telling because I had ALL the settings down, but probably had left Tomcat (40 megs), Apache, and a plethora of other background services running, quickly filling up my 500 megs 1 gig of RAM.

My guess is, once she hits the page file, she yukes. I installed and additional 500megs 1 gig of RAM last night bring it up to 1 2 gigs.

No crashes.

So, if you are sick of waiting for patch 3 of 15 to make the game even more playable, just get more RAM! (assuming you already have a beastly CPU & Video card)

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  1. 1) How do you get rid of the intros?
    2) Join this server when you play… . Its a server a couple friends and I rent and play in all the time. Hit me up on AIM if you are playing, and I will join ya.

  2. Josh: go to the bf2 dir, navigate to /mods/bf2, and you’ll find the ‘Movies’ folder. Rename it to anything (like ‘Movies.old’) and you’re done. It won’t play intro or menu movies, will not give any error message, and contrary to some rumors, you will still be able to join any server (this doesn’t means you ‘modified’ your game files so don’t worry).

  3. I havent ran into the problems you all are describing. Well first of all, I started with 1GB of RAM. When I first loaded the game it was a little buggy, but I downloaded that first patch and it has been running without a hiccup. I did notice an oddity. After installing the game it placed 2 shortcuts on my desktop. One shortcut said ‘Play BF2 Online Now’ and the other said ‘BF2’. Of course I chose the ‘Play Online Now’ choice. The game would crash everytime I clicked on that shortcut. So I decided to use the other shortcut…yippee! no more crashing. Who knows what the difference in shortcuts is? The shortcut that crashes probably goes to Gamespy…which I don’t have installed and never will.

  4. I have the same problem with battlefield 2 locking up. I was like WTF so i tried battlefield 1942 and that locks up as well but takes longer. Battlefield 2 locks up allmost right away during game play. It plays the intro’s fine. I have a P4 3ghz, 1gb of ram Geforce 6200 Oc. Do you think i shold get more ram to fix the problem?

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