FMUG.AZ: MVC Jesse Warden Style Breezo

I had the privaledge to present for the Flash & Multimedia Users Group of Arizona last night. Thanks John C. Bland II for the opportunity to do so, it was fun, and I hope your group enjoyed the presentation!

I discuss how I develop Flash & Flex applications. What is shown is how my methodology currently is as of 7.27.2005. Since I’m constantly learning, and modifiying the way I do things, it may evolve, but currently I enjoy it and I hope others can learn from it.

I covered a lot in an hour’s timeframe:

  1. FAME: What, why?
  2. MVC: What, why, my version
  3. ARP: What, why, my modifications
  4. _root Hacking
  5. My Favorite Components
  6. Show 2 example applications in Flex & Flash using the methodologies & techniques discussed

The Flex app is written in Flex, AMFPHP/PHP whereas the Flash app is written in Flash & OpenAMF/Java. The Flex example is a fun side-project, the Flash example is a product Roundbox Media has developed.

My fist time using Breeze and had some audio issues to start, so I suggest you start from the FAME section, unless you’d like to see the introductory outline.

I’ve fallen in love with Breeze; presenting to user groups on the other side of the country from my office is straight bangin’. If anyone else wants me to present on a topic relating to Flex or Flash using Breeze, let me know!

I had browser problems in both IE and Firefox at 22 seconds when playing back the Breezo, so beware… If you have audio problems, just click pause, wait 1 second, and hit play again.

MVC Jesse Warden Style Breezo

Powerpoint used in Breezo

6 Replies to “FMUG.AZ: MVC Jesse Warden Style Breezo”

  1. Great stuff, it’s always good to see how others structure their code.

    The ARP extensions you mentioned looked particularly interesting, I had already hacked my local copy to allow arguments to Commands, but yours is even better. Is there any chance of obtaining your modifications? I looked on the OSFlash ARP extensions page and couldn’t find anything.

  2. Do you have any suggestions of Books or sites where I could learn about building a flexible data access class that you talked about where it does not care what the data source is?


  3. Grant, check the next entry next to this one; I posted a link to it.

    Mathias, few things to hit on Google:
    – look up Business Delegates. Basically, they return data, but the command (or whoever creates them) doesn’t care where the data comes from.
    – look up ServiceLocator (ARP’s implementation is good). You get a service by name; whether that’s XML or Remoting… it doesn’t really matter as long as it supports a PendingCall via a Responder (which is what the AS2 remoting classes do).

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