BBC Flash Components True to Their Word

A long, long, time ago… say, the re-election of Bush (or dumbfoundedness of the mass media depending on how you look at it), a group of dev’s at the BBC mentioned they would release their component set.

Naturally, I figured bollocks… I’ve heard that 50 billion times before from various company representatives, and the only people to deliver were EnFlash and the Bit Components. There may be more, I’m sure, but regardless I was quite surprised to see they finally did what they said they would do.

After creating a bunch for myself over the years, I respect anyone who can pull off releasing a set to the public. Aral’s got the 4-1-1.

One Reply to “BBC Flash Components True to Their Word”

  1. Hi Jesse,

    I totally agree with you. Many companies and individuals have said they will release components but have failed to do it. The Bit Components are very good (thanks to Keith), but still I could not see a bright future in commercial Flash components.

    Now I really believe that good quality general purpose component sets can be created only by an active open source community, or by a large corporation, such as Macromedia.

    The components you can now see in Flex are great. The layout components and charting are enterprise quality. I bet we will see even better components bundled with the next Flash version…

    Anyway, good to see new components coming out.

    Happy weekend :)

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