9 Replies to “Willow, Our New Golden Retriever Puppy”

  1. In the back of the Element if I’m seeing it correctly :D A great dog car. Congrats on the new pup. I myself will be getting a german shephard pup in a couple of months. Not really looking forward the ‘accidents’ around the house/car though..

  2. Yeah, she’s a pee factory… annihilated our guest bedroom matress even though we are crate training her. If you don’t watch her like a h@wk, it’s all over.

    …however, the Element IS cleanable, hehe!

  3. ‘annihilated our guest bedroom matress’….ummm dude, I think i’ll be bringing my own swag if I ever come and stay over at your place Jess.

    BTW where’s Willow’s name come from?

  4. Naw, we’d get a new one for yaz; another 6 months of this insanity, and we’ll just burn it.

    We’re trying to keep with the g33k naming scheme. We got:
    – Tobi Won Kenobi, our sheltie: based off of Obi Won Kenobi from Star Wars.
    – Tala Shir, our cat: Persian name meaning Golden Lion (only geek reference is because a Persian dude who worked at Autotrader with Brandy gave her the name).
    – Willow: based off of the sad face akin to a willow tree (I like willow trees a lot), and also the witch from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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