Image Slideshow Using FAME

Her majesty suggested I put my money where my mouth is, and show an example created using the technologies talked about in my previous post. Therefore, I created a dynamic image slideshow using FAME (Flashout + ActionScript Development Tool + MTASC + Eclipse). I did not use the Flash IDE in any way; I coded and tested all within Eclipse.

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FAME Slideshow Source – ZIP

This is awesome!

However, one thing is abundantly clear; even with the ability to utilize Flash MX 2004 components… we need an open source component architecture.

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  1. On an additional note, I’m having a helluva a time embedding the SWF with an absolute path; it only works if the HTML file embedding it is in the same directory. Perhaps the MTASC security restrictions are different in the SWF’s it generates?

  2. Hi Jesse,

    FAME sounds good :), It’s something like LAMP or WAMP…It could be use shortly by the open source flash community ;)

    btw, I’ll post a comment to your example in the article for future reference. We need OS Framework comps like ActionStep but we also need examples like this.

  3. Hi Jester!!! This is kinda cool!!!! Worked like a charm for me!!! Hopes to see more of this stuff, as I’m trying to learn more about it.

  4. Thanks a lot Jester for that slideshow that saved me hours making this FAME working !
    But I found two problems:
    – First I had to change the line
    static var SymbolLinked = Object.registerClass(SymbolName, SymbolOwner);
    static var SymbolLinked = Object.registerClass(SymbolName, Slideshow);
    to get through the error message ‘src/com/jxl/ characters 60-71 : type error Object should be Function’
    But it works like that so I’m happy even if I don’t understand why…
    – Second and that’s the worth: I’m doing tests with AS2.0 to get the possibility of TRANSPARENT PNG images manipulation as it’s notified here.
    But when I attemp to insert any png or gif files in your image.xml they do not show ! Works good with any jpg or swf files. I tried to read the produced Slideshow.swf with both FIREFOX 1.0.7 / FLASHPLAYER 7 / LINUX and
    IE6 / FLASHPLAYER 8 / WIN98.
    So I’m very dispointed cause I was thinking about developping with AS 2.0/FAME instead of MING/PHP/QUANTA I used to work with since one year just because it doesn’t support transparent PNG or GIF file.
    Does some body can help me understanding what’s going on ? Is AS 2.0/FLASHPLAYER 8 realy supporting PNG format or not ?

  5. Keep in mind this app was written almost a year ago. Therefore, a lot has changed, namely, how MTASC creates SWF’s. You cannot utilize Flash 8 features unless you compile as a Flash 8 SWF.

    I haven’t kept up with the community, so I suggest you join the MTASC mailing list since they’ll be able to tell you how you compile your SWF as a Flash 8 one, since the old MTASC compiles to Flash 7, and will not work loading PNG’s unless it’s compiled as a Flash 8 SWF.

  6. Hi Jester, Great article, got me very interested. I am looking for the article cause the link is broken.

    In reply to kmc, in the previous post, i had the same problem with transparent png’s. You need to compile for FlashPlayer 8, else no go, you will only be able to load in jpegs and gifs

    Good Luck, Go OSS!

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