Google Wants You to Blog During the Weekdays

Google ads pay squat over the weekends. I’ve noticed spikes in my earnings when I post entries either regulary, or when I post an entry that has a higher than normal click-through during the weekdays.

I had 2 such entries over the weekend… but Google paid me squat. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but this is the first time a seriously clicked through set of entries did not contribute to earnings.

I take that to indirectly mean Google advertisers don’t pay Google much for weekend ads, and thus Google only wants to you blog during the week.

I don’t need Google ad revenue to run my site, but I can’t help but be influenced since it pays not only for my hosting costs, but my other 2 hosting costs beyond this site (dev site for hosting files, and Flashcom hosting).

I’m kind of irritated by this too; I feel like I’m being bullied by a big company, having them influence my blogging behavior. Because the service is opt-in, free, and all I have to do is what I’ve been doing, blogging, many may argue I shouldn’t complain.

However, wanting to maximize my earnings is a good thing, and I guess I don’t understand why blogging on the weekend doesn’t contribute to that.

Weird. What if I don’t want to blog during the weekdays? Does that lessen the value of my entries because they are on the weekend? No! In fact, I’d argue that is the slowest blogging time, and I want to give people something interesting to check out if they are bored on the weekend; I should be rewarded for that if a reward structure is already in place.

Not sure why this irritates me so, but it does.

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  1. I’ve seen some advice, written for advertisers, that it can be a good idea to suspend adwords campaigns over the weekends because visitors are more likely to be hobbyists rather than motivated business purchasers. It’s a pretty coarse distinction, but it must be working for the advertisers.

    Nice comments box btw.


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