Flash Remoting AS2 Classes

I’ve been seeing requests for these classes requested a lot lately. My guess is:
– it wasn’t publicized enough when they were released
– people cannot find them on Macromedia’s site

So, for the former, here is a direct link (again):

Flash Remoting AS2 Classes – ZIP

For the later, I know things are crazy with the merger I’m sure, but please tell those in charge of such things to make them more prominent, either on this page, or even better, a link on the right of the Flash Remoting section at Macromedia’s site.

8 Replies to “Flash Remoting AS2 Classes”

  1. The biggest problem is that they’re really hard to find on the site, even when you’re looking (I’ve had to search a bit for them on several occasions before smartening up enough to make a bookmark!)

  2. Jesse,

    Thanks for the info, I have been looking for this for a month and have not been able to find it! One question is, where am I supposed to drop that mx (classes) folder on my machine. Thanks.

  3. The problem is that you can download the components easily enough, but the source code is separate, and its not made clear enough on the site. I spent a good amount of itme looking for these classes too!

  4. Jaye, this isn’t really specific, but there is a basic directory structure to look for here.

    Ash, that’s actually a good idea; perhaps the classes could be packaged with the Remoting Components instller instead of being seperate?

  5. I agree, hard to find, hard to install, lack of info, lack of easily understandable link to get to them. I generally searched out ‘flash remoting components’ until I just linked to the page on my forum..

  6. Had some problem – installer seems pretty wacked… having an installer and then forcing an end user to manually extract .as files from the source zip seems like a waste of time. Would probably be better if the manual install was the default until the installer problems have been figured out.

  7. I have an issue with the macromedia site at the moment, for some reason any URL there that is formed like http://download.macromedia.com/… get’s refused (the connection was refused is the error in firefox). I an’t open it in IE or Opera either, I have tried disabling my firewall (sygate) and my antivirus (norton) and it still wont let me through – I’m just a home user connected through BT Broadband in the UK so I have no idea what is happening, but elsewhere I can download from macromedia just fine – anybody had this problem?

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