Birthday Presents, Games, Wireless Router, & The Pope Liked Breakdancing

My 26th birthday was Tuesday. I obtained some nice clothes, and the following are some pictures of my presents.

My Mom & her majesty snagged one of my logos and put it on 6 or so coffee mugs.

A gig of RAM for my Alienware (has 4 slots on the motherboard), via 2 sticks of 512megs.

The 1st season of Knight Rider on DVD. We watched the first episode (1982) Wednesday night, it was pretty good! I remember watching an old episode of the A-Team and not being able to make it halfway through it was so bad, so I’m glad I can actually enjoy this series of DVD’s.

This weekend’s gonna suck; I’ve got my Finance paper due Monday morning. I’ve had 8 weeks to do it, and now I’ve only got 3 days left. I purchased Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within for PC, and both Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory & Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 for XBox to give me something to look forward to Sunday night when I’m hopefully done with my homework.

Got a new D-link wireless router (they didn’t have Netgear or any of the other brands recommended in my other post); anyone know how secure such things? Her majesty found something via Google saying to change my SSID to something jacked; easy enough, but I don’t know what else I can do… not a network guy.

Finally, I remembered posting about how the Pope liked breakdancing after a Rave flyer I got via email quoted that. Here’s to hoping the new one digs it too.

Wish me luck…

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  1. 1) Setup WPA. It basically password protects your network. You enter it once, the computer remembers it.

    2) Setup MAC Address Filtering. This basically only allows the wireless object connected to YOUR PC’s to connect.

  2. Jestoferson,

    Happy Bday. I have to say though…. 6 coffee mugs && jestonator…thats trouble. I fear you will fill all them up at once and drink straight through em in 10 minutes. Laughin.. u really gotta chill on that… you gona kill ya nerves.

  3. A couple of suggestions for securing your wireless router:

    1. Change the SSID from the default!
    2. Don’t broadcast the SSID
    3. Encrypt using WEP (128 bit), or even better, WPA
    4. Limit the number of connections to your router
    5. Consider using MAC address based filtering
    6. Try to locate your router centrally in your house, as opposed to next to an exterior wall to cut the distance the signal is broadcast outside of your home.
    7. Turn off remote admin access so that you can’t change admin settings via a wireless connection

    These are only a start, but if you follow these steps, you’ll have taken care of a good percentage of the common security lapses.

  4. you should correct your post, I didn’t contribute to your moms awsume present, she did it all on her own :)

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