Flex: D&D Tools v3 Source Files

I re-did my D&D v2 components, which were made using Flash MX 2004 and Flashcom, in Flex with a bunch of additions. Really, I wanted to see how hard it would be to do the stuff I like to do in Flash in FlexBuilder, mainly, not-so-vanilla forms and drag-n-drop. This mini-project garnered much respect for FlexBuilder from me. I’ve tested the code locally, and what I’ve distributed does compile and should install into Central using an installer badge.

If your looking for sample code in Flex pertaining to:
– drag and drop
– Central integration
– Flashcom
– using the Tile List component

Then you may garner some use out of it. As always, some of the code I love, some I hate, and some doesn’t work where noted. I’ve written docs to get your started in your browsing, and documented the classes themselves, but not the methods or properties.

Hope someone benefits from this!

D&D Tools v3