MXDU 2005 Followup

Thank you Geoff & Julie for inviting me to speak again at this years MXDU. Your hospitality was really sweet, and you all + your team went out of your way to make her majesty and I feel welcome, comfortable, and entertained.

Thank you Aral for saving my hide during my presentation. For those of you who didn’t know, her majesty’s Alienware doesn’t have the standard monitor attachment; it has like DVI or something else with no attachments. I simply loaded the FLA that was my preso on Aral’s laptop + source files and she worked like a charm!

Thanks Andrew for letting me see your phat pad and to eat all of your food.

Thanks Chafic, Peter, and Guy for letting her majesty and I crash with you all in your apartment for the last 3 days or so; a LOT cheaper and it was great to hang.

Thanks Matt for keeping us organized on that since 4 engineers seem incapable of getting a room together a 2nd time around.

Thanks Kai & Diane for doing our laundry and dishing out all the food.

Thanks Graeme for showing me first in the MXDU Voice of the People and explaining the basics of Japanese to me.

It was great to meet all you who I hadn’t met before. Putting faces to emails n’ blogs rox, and meeting new people from other parts of the world is really cool too… as well as seeing old friends again.

I’d say the only thing uncool about MXDU 2005 was getting my arse handed to me by Mike C & Mike D of Macromedia in Halo 2. There were a few matches where I was owning, but overall, it was a pretty sad attempt for JesterXL to represent in gaming.

Someone asked me at the conference to see if ARP works in Central, gotta check that out. Also, I’ll go find that Flash garbage collection article.

See you all on XBox Live, and hopefully at MXDU 2006!

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  1. Hey Jesse,

    It was really great to finally meet you in person (and you’re welcome — what did you expect, that I’d let you make me miss out on your session due to technical difficulties?) :) Now if only someone had saved mine! (No internet + no projector = having to use the elmo for your slides and not being able to show any of your examples!)

    Hope you and Brandy are over your jetlag (I know I’m not!)

    I have to write up a wrap-up once I’ve gotten through the pile of work I found waiting for me when I got back.

    Re: ARP & Central — let me know! (I haven’t touched Central in ages).

    Take care man — it was really great…

  2. It was awesome meeting you both. Wish I could have hung out for a few more days – judging by Guy’s photos it looks like you havd a great time. Looking forwards to doing it again next year. Cheers.

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