DataGrid Hyperlink CellRenderer

Need a hyperlink in a DataGrid? Want an event when someone clicks on it? Check out what Leif (my manager) and I did!

DataGrid Hyperlink CellRenderer – Source (ZIP)

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  1. How would you implement this in Flex? Trying, without success, to get a clicked cell within a datagrid to link to an associated Viewstack. I’m sort of amazed there’s no documentation on linking datagrid elements — if they rollover automatically, one imagines it shouldn’t be too hard to, in effect, getUrl. Or, in this case, a viewstack layer.

    Help! And thanks. James

  2. how do you use this for data loaded data connection wizard from an xml file?

    i’m using the textarea component

  3. Dude.. the file is nomore available now.. im keen to know how to do it.. can u pls send me the zip..?

  4. I’d love to get my hands on the source for your DataGrid Hyperlink CellRenderer to use in a project I’m working on. TIA

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