TextFields Render Incorrect TextFormat HTML?

I’ve been battling with this since yesterday, and am stumped what to do other than compensate for the incorrect HTML syntax TextFields’ are rendering. Basically, if you apply more than one TextFormat into intersecting index’ of the text, the HTML generated is not indicative of what your really seeing. If you trace out the TextField’s htmlText property, paste in Dreamweaver, or even into another HTML enabled TextField, it will display differently.

Again, I need to save an accurate representation of what a TextField has displayed, and the only way it seems I can do this is to “fix” Flash’s TextField rendering error(s). For now, it seems that closing font tags are just off by one node… that doesn’t seem too bad.

Problem Better Illustrated w/ Accompanying Code

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  1. Yep, I have had the same experience whilst buiding a Rich Text Editor.
    If I created a Bold word next to a Italic word and then toggle between Code and Design view the spaces between the words vanish.

    It seems that we (the Flash community) will need to write its own HTML – pre-render engine I guess.


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