MXDU 2005: Fly to Sydney for 50% Off

Father-in-law found this. Today is the last day you can do it. Cost me like 5k or so for one person back in 2002, but this year for 2 people flying from Los Angeles, USA to Sydney, Australia round trip, sounds like a tad over 2k. Frikin’ awesome!

*** Update: Word of advice, use Internet Explorer, not Firefox. Credit Card submission takes you to blank page after confirmation. Like that?

*** Update v2: Firefox managed to confirm my debit card, which chared my checking account $1.03… but when I used IE, it confirmed it again, and this time I got my ticket purchased… but it charged a $1.03 again. I reckon that is a price Qantas pays another company to confirm credit card information before entering it into their billing. Am I really going to contest $1.03 duplicate charge on a $2,025 dollar purchase?

…the whole world should be Flash…

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  1. Same for us ;) We pay 1160 + 609 Euros for the trip from Frankfurt to Perth and back from Sydney to Frankfurt for MXDU 2005. That’s great, saved us 500 Euros compared to the best regular rate (with Emirates via Dubai)!

  2. Lucky you going to Sydney.. *jealous*

    2006 should be better for me since I won’t be planning a wedding and saving for a honeymoon and such. :-)

    Hopefully this deal will come back again.. heh

  3. Darron, Sydney is a wonderful place to get married, especially before MXDU. You should do your ceremony over there, trust me, I know what I speak on…;))

  4. Darron, Kai’s right about the ceremony – I am very lucky to have attended his & Diane’s wedding ceremony in a park with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge as part of the background the day before MXDU started.

    Jesse, this could be a nice place for you ‘n the missus to renew your vows ;-)

  5. Cool, more the merrier! Round Box represent babah, baaayyybaahhh!!!

    Of course I did; did it with my honeymoon as well a few months ago. Why… is that bad?

  6. Well if anything goes wrong, then you have no recourse. With a credit card you have some rights. (even though those rights end sixty days out of when you charged it. – I think maybe it’s different for airlines?)

    I’m trying to score some tickets to London for New Year’s and I always check out Clark Howard’s site: There’s an air special for Australia listed. $999 from LA including three domestic flights in Oz. When I went in 1996/7 we had a similar deal. Total was $1200 each from Atlanta with three domestic flights. Atl LA Sydney Alice Cairns Sydney LA Atl. (Anza Travel)

    I’ve also found is good. You get fares then you go to the airlines for the tix. Seems to give the best results of all I’ve tried.


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