asdf hyperlink in Flash goes to Microsoft Support Docs

I can’t even think of a correct title. If you have a Flash hyperlink in an input text field that displays html with an href of “asdf” and a target of “”, and Firefox Preview Release 1.0 is your default browser, and you click the link, it’ll open the browser. The first tab will be blank. The second will go to a Microsoft Support Link, but it has a local path to your current working directory in the url field + “asdf” at the end.

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  1. While it’s cool that Firefox does that, it’d be confusing for the user when yours or my blog entry comes up when they type in “asdf” into their location bar…

  2. If it the as Darron described you should be able to disable this feature in firefox:
    – about:config
    – set keyword.enabled to false

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