Scout Walker (AT-ST) Kama Sutra

Via Johnny Bag o’ Doughnuts.

It’s not Friday, but I’m off tomorrow, so…

This is an online version of the book Kama Sutra, but for AT-ST’s (the 2 legged Imperial walkers in Star Wars). Some interesting pictures, reminiscent of Kermit the Frog and that bear whose various scenes of copulation, captured in SWF’s, were floating around the internet a couple of years ago. Anyway, the prose is off the wall, but the pictures are where the immediate comedy is.

*** Not Work Safe ***

Scout Walker Kama Sutra

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  1. uh, posting a link to copulating robots, and then saying “Not Work Safe”, puts many of us on the knife’s edge of a dilemma here, y’know…. ;-)


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