Pier 1 Dice Box

I don’t like shopping… unless it’s for something I want, and even then, I’d much rather utilize a website. The only reason I don’t is for the excuse to mingle with the populace, even if I don’t make eye contact, and 2nd to offset shipping costs. I ecspecially dislike furniture shopping since I have a bed, desk for my computer, and a chair. What else do you need?

Her majesty reminds me of all of those things and more… like having guests over, etc. that I just never really thought about, and keep forgetting on purpose.

I was pleasantly surprised when I actually broke from the usual “husband waiting for his wife” routine men will sometimes do in stores when they are tired of following their wife in circles around the maze of wicker and glass that is your typical furniture store. One usually does this by finding a sample chair with too many pillows on it, and plopping oneself upon it. Your consolation prize is that the pillows in Pier 1 tend to have this neat texture, but even that only amuses me for 1.6 seconds.

I found this box huddled in the middle of the wall. It had stone faces on its tiny drawers. For what this box’ function was, I still cannot say, but I immediately thought of Bush Garden’s Williamsburg up in Virgina, where they have this ride. It’s like… VR or something, and you sit in this moving room with other people, and go on this “ride” of a flying ship through the center of the earth. It’s very 80’s style CG, full of puppetry, and your typical Labrinth/The Dark Crystal look and feel. Atlantis at Paradise Island in the Bahammas, where I went on my honeymoon, before it was destroyed by this years hurricane seasons, had a similiar look and feel in their underground “The Dig”.

I added it to the quickly sky-rocketing furnature bill. Why are we buying all of this again? :: she reitrerates for the 50th time :: Oh yeah. For $30 bucks, I now have my new official dice box. I’m so excited… and abashed that I actually care about furniture other than the necessities I mentioned above.

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  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… You went to pier 1 and bought a box for your D+D dice??!! wtf!!?

  2. Nice box, though not portable enough for my tastes.

    The dice for AD&D is an artform unto themselves.

    I noticed that you created the D&D Dice Roller, have you tried anything as far as displaying the dice rolled in 3D?

    As a learning experience, I’m currently working on modifying Will Turnage’s 3-D Dice Roller which uses the Havok engine. I want to get the roller to use all the D&D dice besides the 6 sided, such as the tetrahedron,octahedron,dodecahedron,and the icosahedron.

  3. I remember that mini-app, pretty cool. I don’t currently posses the 3D skills to complete something like that.

    However, if I could sucker someone into doing the 3D, I could code it in Flash. Instead of “landing randomly”, they’d merely land, and I could then generate the random numbers at the last instant.

  4. Good to learn that the behaviour of shopping men and women don’t differ at all between Germany and the US – could have been Diane and myself at IKEA ;)

  5. i’ve almost finished working on a flash dice roller which looks pretty damn cool.. just needs to add sounds. if someone likes to test it and tell what more it needs, email me

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