MT Blacklist Works with MoveableType 3.1x

…for the most part. This necessary piece of anti-blogspam software is now updated to work with MoveableType 3.1x. I keep getting an error at the bottom of my screen, but the most important thing is happening:
– I can blacklist spam which auto-deletes new spammed entries
– new spam is no longer getting posted to my blog

I believe the error above is related to why the emergency release didn’t work; my db path in my mt.cfg was relative. The last version screamed something about a badobject, while this one had some nice “suggestion” information on what to do. Since I had the error with a suggested fix, it was easy to solve the problem myself after some tinkering. Blocks are not showing up in the Activity Log like they used to, but whatever; out of site, out of mind. I had to manually delete older entries which is extremely slower than Blacklist’s method for some weird reason.

Another weird thing is if the comment is already blacklisted, it doesn’t get deleted, thus I have to delete it manually. That seems dumb as the last version of Blacklist automatically did this. Secondly, there is no way to search older entries to delete comments that have blacklisted sites in it. I’m thinking those 2 missing functionalities are related. Regardless, there are some additional neat features. Jay’s definitely on a great dev path with this plugin; it’s definitely maturing into a full-fledged necessity piece of software.

Regardless, if your an upgrade addict like me and shot yourself in the foot because Blacklist didn’t work with the new MT, here’s your chance to gain control of your blog’s comments again without punishing yourself and your users with weird extra form fields, delayed/approving comments, or required TypeKey registrations.

MT Blacklist v2.01b