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Mediasparkles reported on a USA Today article about the death of the American Programmer. I’d rather not exclude this to America, though, as I’ve heard other countries being affected in various ways. For the purpose of this blog post, the question I pose applies to everyone, regardless of your country.

Her blog entry is neat because she asks the question of what your alternative career might be. Fun exercise!

I’m all over the map (paramilitary performing clandestine/covert operations, US Senator, Art Director at a design studio (i own) in India, etc).

If you couldn’t use a computer as your primary career choice, what would be your 2nd?

Example: DJ instead of a ColdFusion programmer (not ColdFusion programmer instead of Flash programmer… that still uses computers, see?), or Social Psychologist instead of Information Architect.

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  1. I would have to say musician would be my second choice .. however that’s getting harder these days too. After that, an aid or social worker .. maybe a teacher of some description .. pretty hard to imagine what I might want to do were computers not around.

  2. Well, ignoring money for a second: I think something related to music or food. The thing is, there aren’t many industries that don’t use computers at least indirectly. I used to sell camera equipment–that wasn’t a bad job (until the death of film).

  3. Fun Thought. Thanks for the link.

    If I had to do something without a computer I think I would become a mailman (get to walk around all day) and do comics on the side for my artistic outlet. Maybe political cartoons as well.

    But I think the USAToday article is wrong, too. About 10 years ago I assumed that someday programming jobs would dry up. After all if you do it well once you never have to do it again, right?

    But on the contrary, it seems to me now that every company want’s it’s own version of the same Framestat-Conglomerator even when plenty of versions of it exist already.

    And then think of all the stuff that has barely begun. Nano/Bio/Medical & Wireless things in particular.

    Sure the prospectors that would’ve become doctors and lawyers in the 80’s have left the field (as well as anyone with a low tolerance for fustration), but I think that it’s improved things for those of us who got into it because they just like to program, don’t you think?

    The h1b’s have lowered salary’s which I think is fine, and made it tougher for recent graduates which I think is not fine, but otherwise I think they are good for the country.

  4. Writer/Chef. I love cooking and writing equally as much.

    But I’m glad I don’t have to make that choice as I’m having too much fun doing what I’m doing.

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