Unsmooth & Smooth All Bitmaps

Built these scripts for my coworker Frankie (and me) to quickly set the “allowSmoothing” property of all bitmaps in your Flash file’s library to false (or true). If your not scaling your bitmaps, turning smoothing off allows a more accurate representation of your design and can more easliy allow you to spot when your on half-pixels, or some bitmap didn’t import correctly into Flash. The opposite, setting it to true, is nice when your scaling your bitmaps and they have the potential to be on half-pixels… specially over-compressed JPEG’s; it helps compensate.

If you have a bunch of bitmaps in your library, it can be tedious to right click on each, select properties, toggle the setting and hit ok. Using these JSFL scripts, with one click it’ll toggle them all on or off, whether you have 1 bitmap or 1000.

Just something to help your productivity!

Unsmooth All Bitmaps

Smooth All Bitmaps

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