No Flash Blurring (or Round Pixel Coordinates Extension)

Building a form to test some data classes I made (3 friggin’ times to get them right), and on my first test, my form’s all blurry. Turns out, when dragging buttons and text area’s on the stage, they were all on half-pixels, where the x is 3.3 instead of 3.0. This causes graphical things to blur sometimes since Flash emulates half-pixels by blurring 1 pixel across 2 pixels. This is undesirable for static content, however.

Rather that fix each form element, I got ticked and spent the last hour writing and testing this script. It appears to work for me; hope it helps you! Just select a frame that has some elements (shapes count too) on the stage, and just run this script. Should help you authortime junkies.

*** Downloads work again, sorry for the inconvienance ***

Round Pixel Coordinates

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  1. Jessie warden is a god among men, he has helped those that need help the most through his slang and fuckin, basically just good hearted nature to help out his fellow man. I’ve never expressed this publicly, but I love the guy. I don’t know exactly why, but….. he did help me along in the early days for shnitzl.

    BUt hey now, would I take the time to write this at 4am PST if I didn’t mean it. Jesse, you should take an hour or two off, and just sit on patio somewhere, buy a beer or a diet pepsi and slap your own back and say (‘Damn, I helped some mofos our there and I don’t even no it. I don’t know my reach. Gimmme another diet pepsi’)

    Okay, okay tell me your paypall account and I’ll send u enough for a diet coke (based on canadian exchange).

  2. Thanks man, you rock, glad I could help!

    If I got paid for this, it’d cheapen the whole affair. I don’t mind selling my products, such as extensions and contract work, but if you insist, just remember you owe me a beer next time I can make it up to Canada since yall have a good amount of conferences too.

  3. good thing I can’t get anything on this site. I might actually like some of it…

    “The page cannot be found
    The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

  4. Sorry mate, I’m currently doing some hardcore amount of consulting at the end of this 2007 year. As soon as I get some more time off for the holidays, I’ll finish the site re-design, and clean up my server. As soon as the design change, shiot should work.

  5. Hi! Jessie warden. Please repost the two Round Pixel Coordinates flash extensions as it displays an error when trying to download them. It says Error 404 – Not Found. Thanking you. Jitin

  6. I used this a while ago, but since have lost the file. I just tried to download it, and got a file not found error! Is this available somewhere else?

  7. *argh* … The doenload is still not working, is it possible that you will throw them up here again? :)

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