Generate Flex Component Code via Flash

If this script was developed further, one could generate Flex component code by dragging Flash components to the stage for those more used to visually laying out forms vs. using the tag based approach. Anyway, works for Buttons and Labels. The Accordion started to get deep, so I’m pulling the plug, but thought it was a pretty interesting concept nonetheless. I wonder if Brady will work on a similiar concept using Dreamweaver’s JSFL?

Generate Flex Component Code – JSFL

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  1. LOL, dude, the whole point of the code was to expediate your productivity and/or give someone an idea to make a Flash enhacned IDE for Flex form creation, not to make you tired.

  2. Great idea! Actually, I already started with this a few weeks a go. It’s still only a proof of concept and only works with specific Flex components, but it’s quite fun.

    Personally I think that the only value is to quickly port existing Flash RIAs that only have code on the main timeline into MXML and assest. Not to develop new intrfaces (too many hurdles there).

    For new projects, Brady is much better. This is also the reason why I never finished it…. I think that not many people will be using it in reality.

    Let me know if you want to have a look at the code (it’s no magic, still very basic proof of concept).

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