Flash Video: Negative Proliferation a Good Thing?

Granted, my interpretation of negative may be positive to others, but I loathe spam, so whatever.

Anyway, got this spam email in my work’s junk box, and right before hitting delete, a familiar image came into view. The video they were asking you to view (an image to trick you to going to their site to view it) had some familiar looking controls… Flash Video ones that come with one of the Media players. I’ve seen them on other sites, so immediately, I became intrigued. Scrolling down, they even had the form done in Flash…!

I couldn?t get any of the url?s to work, but saving the email as HTML on my desktop allowed the Flash to play as normal. Wow? turns out, live SPACE mercial dot COM (eerily similar to http://www.mediadiva.net/) is promoting the use of Flash video in emails now. Craziness. Although I hope all spammers burn with excruciating pain in fiery hell, this is awesome! If millions have to suffer for proliferation of Flash video, heck, I?ll take this shot in the arm with pride!!!