Central App: Stiletto MP3 & SHOUTCast Player

This started off as an app I was gonna spend my newfound freetime on, as copying and surpassing WinAMP’s current incarnation is a nigh impossible, albeit daunting task. I love those.

Well, then the contract work hit, then Flex came along, and the whole time I’m attempting to do homework so I can pass class. I’ve waited 3 weeks for my Yahoo account, but haven’t followed up simply cause I was busy. I know form the Central Dev list who to talk to… but at this point, I’ve got better things to do. This project I do want to continue when I have more time, but figured sitting on ice for 3 weeks doesn’t help those that might want to look inside. It’ll be awhile before this is anywhere close to being worth 5 bucks.

She’s full of bugs, uncompleted functionalities, and she’s one hell of a memory hog after 30 minutes (adding to the 60 meg footprint your start with), but hey… there’s a reason I’m going to R&D vs. Developement soon, hehe…

BTW, removed the Slider component from… uh… DRK 3? Just to confirm I’m not proliferating anything illegal, but you could make your own I guess. Anyway, the point isn’t to compile, but rather see the code. The good code is the PLS to DataProvider or whatever I called it. I used Sean Voisen’s approach to classes, Geoffrey William’s Central AS2 classes, and Grant Skinner’s GDispatcher. My disclaimers are that my structure does NOT follow the mx.core.UIObject/UIComponent framework correctly at all, and my base class wrapper is old, so disregard for best practices (not that you would look to me for guidance beyond what games to play). It’s my first time using a Pod, so be gentle…

If you keep the pod open to listen to music, make sure you stop and start every 30 minutes… or you won’t be able to once Central laches hold to your virtual memory; at that point, it’s all over.

Yes, I know the installation badge is offsetting my site mr/mrs designer head, werkin’ on it…

Stiletto : Central MP3 and SHOUTCast Player – App | ZIP

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