Can’t Export AS2 Classes in Frame that Doesn’t Exist

They thought of everything… your probably like, “Duh, Jesse…”. Hey man, that’s neat. Your so smart. d00d, it’s late, and these things are fascinating this time of the night.

If you have your AS2 classes export in frame 2, but have a 1 frame only movie, you get this error:

“WARNING: The Export Frame for Classes specified in the Publish or Export settings, frame 2, does not exist. No bytecode for ActionScript 2.0 classes or interfaces was exported.”

Thank you Flash!

3 Replies to “Can’t Export AS2 Classes in Frame that Doesn’t Exist”

  1. Hey, I’d also like to know how to prevent this warning from appearing if the frame clearly does exist. In my instance I loaded a file that was working fine in Flash 8 into Flash CS3 and now I’m getting this warning every time I open the file – dispite the frame actually existing. As far as I can tell it still seems to be working, but in the world of code ‘as far as I can tell’ is almost as bad as making assumptions (or dealing with clients! ;)

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