New Job, 3rd From

Today was my last day with Surgical Information Systems. I learned a lot from the smart & caring people there, and had the best manager; good role-model, too. The Vice President was cool because he’d answer all my questions. Since he was smart and part teacher, he’d give me good analogies, too.

I start my new job Monday with Online; not sure the exact name yet that I should be technically calling it. I’ll be working in their Research & Development with a few other technical departments using copious amounts of Flash & Flashcom. I’m not looking forward to the drive, but everything else is really exciting! I still can’t shake the sadness in my heart about leaving SIS, though. A lot of good people and good relationships were formed there. It’s for the better, though.

This is the 3rd job I’ve gotten via When I quit Digital ArtifeX back in May of 2002, I was at square one. I didn’t have any work I could show as they locked me out of the building that day and gave me pieces of crap example work I had done… 4 months too late. After researching all the ways to get a job (plethora of this kind of stuff on the web, specially then since the economoy blew worse than it did now), majority said to not depend on online job sites. It’s ok to use them, but utilize other resources, too. There was a lot of other good information, but I listed myself everywhere anyway. First, a recruiter (well, 3 actually) found me there for IBM since I applied online. Then, I found SIS there. The most recent recruiter representing Bellsouth found me 2 weeks after I updated my resume. In my opinion, works.

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  1. About an hour with no traffic. However, traffic on 400 is legendary. I live where 400 begins, about, and Bellsouth in Buckhead (Atlanta) is where 400 ends into 85. I pray they have flextime, otherwise, I’m foobarred.

  2. Congrats. I’m commuting back and forth between Amsterdam and Rotterdam too, takes me an hour with no traffic, but usually somewhere between 90minutes or even two hours… :\

  3. Wow. Good for you Jesse. (Although I wanted you to come work with me ;-)

    That commute is a harsh thing. My new commute is seven minutes any time and I never have to touch a highway. And Zo Zo gets to sit under my desk! But, hey, you are a home owner and you get to live with Brandy — so suck it up ’cause times are good!

    R&D?!? Awesome! I wish you all the success possible.


  4. I concur full force dude..

    i was unemployed for 6 months outta the year last year (sporatically) yet somehow or another.. i’d get a contractor calling me.. or a staffing agency needing part time / full time freelancers to help out..

    all from monster, among others..

    rock on !

  5. Hey, as your former SIS coworker, I know the feeling. You know you are leaving for something better, but it is sure hard to leave behind the good coworkers & relationships you have formed. Good Luck there! Keep in touch.

    P.S. – Have you thought about hopping on the MARTA bus at Windward Park & Ride, riding to N. Springs, then taking the MARTA train in? Its much cheaper than parking downtown, better for your car, and you bypass the traffic jams every day.

    Its 10-15 min to N. Springs & 30 min ride to downtown. Most of the time its faster than trying to drive & fight the rush hour traffic. Its a heck of a lot easier. You can read, listen to music, work on your laptop rather than sit like a zombie cursing traffic. :)

    A train leaves every 5-10 minutes and buses leave Windward every 15 minutes until 9 a.m. I believe you would take bus 140. Check it out if you are interested. Hubby opted for a monthly MARTA pass because parking downtown for him was $90.00 per month + traffic headaches to boot. The pass is $30.00 per month.

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