File Actions: JSFL stored in FLA’s

Tony MacDonell @ solved a problem he had in his company’s production environment by using a different paradigm for the JSAPI. He gives an example of allowing designers to update FLA’s that contain different versions of video, but I don’t think that effectively conveys how useful it is.

Certain Commands can be used in a wide-array of situations. His “Open Source Folder” for instance applies to every FLA file I work on that doesn’t already have the folder open in Explorer (or Finder). However, some files have certain JSFL actions that are really only needed for that file, but if those changes could be automated, it would streamline production; in his case, allowing the designers to click a button have both the High and Low quality video’s automatically re-imported without having to manually do it. The other benefits:
– JSFL saved with file. This makes the code portable; goes with the file. Someone else doesn’t needed the Command installed.
– JSFL command does not populate the Commands window. Even though the Command window can have sub-menu’s, the content is where it should be; with the file.

Those are intrinsic. The ones that aren’t so immediately apparent are:
– code is associated with the file, therefore easier to create and associate with that one file
– because relationships are created when multiple tasks need to be done on just one file, all scripts can be run together as one

One I wanted to add is some scripts only apply to one file’s unique situation. Making a full blown command is over kill.

You’ll still need his “File Actions” tool installed, but it’s an extension, and therefore is easy to install.

He wants feedback, btw. Remove anti-spam.


It is one of many examples for his Flash in the Can presentation. If you get a few:

File Actions – MXP | Examples

There are help files with the extension, but I couldn’t get them to work in the Panel; they are at the bottom of my Help panel.

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