Contract Drama

Heard there is a 90% chance I won’t get paid for one of my last contract jobs. Typical. No, I said typical, not cynical; I have the lack of dough to prove it.

Now, naturally, there is always the 10% I WILL get paid, and her majesty has ordained that I request thrice weekly to be informed of my checks status. At least I’ve made a new contact and friend in the process of dealing with company X. He’s pretty cool… and a designer! w00t!

I don’t think a contract would of helped in this scenario. The project itself isn’t really a portfolio piece, because it doesn’t work on it’s own; it integrates with an online service that I don’t utilize nor do I intend to. I’ll just use as a teaching tool like I did at my last AtlMMUG meeting, I guess, so there’s the silver lining. It was a good thing I got a decent chunk of dough up front, but man, that’s $3,500 potentially gone… boo hoo…

…hehe, thank me lucky stars it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Cheers; Here’s to hoping that 10% comes through.

4 Replies to “Contract Drama”

  1. I wanna say say it’s not typical, but I really can’t… I mean I’ve got a full time job and my boss has to skip 1/10 of the paychecks…

    Man… now I’m going to bed depressed… I hate you :P

  2. there is no contract. they dont pay you. there is no link between you and them. therefore they are, in effect, using stolen code that you own the copyright to. get onto your solicitor and make sure they either a) prove they will never use a single line of that code or b) pay you so you will agree to give them either a clausless license to use it, or you give them the ownership rights. getting your solicitor onto it will cost you little.

    dont let them get away with it, even if you dont get paid you can at least stop them using it.

  3. Publish their company name. At least you’ll get the satisfaction of alerting other people of their unethical business practices. As long as it’s true and you can prove it, it isn’t slander.

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