WTF are you doing?

None of this, “Well, I screwed with the DataProviderAPI yesterday, but haven’t touched in 3 days”. Trust me, even if you intened to hit it again in a few days, that’s fine, but doesn’t count for this question. Seriously, wtf r u working on?

– coding & designing a front-end to selection of a module within our enterprise application

– Table Top building app
– TV Guide front-end to <a href=””>The Platform</a>
– front-end to <a href=””>LiveJournal</a> Client <a href=””>Central</a> App

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  1. Work: won’t/can’t say

    Portfolio — gathering/writing content
    Resume — sending to a few folks to tweek
    Blog — hacking a scaleable CF blog system
    Reading — The DaVinci Code
    Two words — Hot Yoga. Bikram has saved my life.

  2. But I WAS screwing with the DataProvider API yesterday, trying to determine the best way to implement a Roster (Buddy list) for the XIFF lib. I’m thinking of making my roster class a dataprovider, or maybe a hybrid because I really don’t want methods like addItem in the class, but I do want the update/read portions … Either way, it’s working. I even have it working in Flex :) Flex-based IM baby!

  3. “Flex-based IM baby!”

    like buying a porsche to drive you from your bedroom to your closet :-)

    work: front ends + on bar communication systems

    home: reinventing the wheel

  4. Work:
    Can’t talk about projects because of the magical three letters N,D and A. But I will say that I have been making my own v2 components so that they can be easily re-skinned to get dropped into any project.

    JSFL commands and panels
    Central App

  5. “like buying a porsche to drive you from your bedroom to your closet”

    Yeah, I’m not condoning the construction of instant messengers using Flex, but it sure makes building a testing framework for development of XIFF a piece of cake.

  6. Doing my first Director project in more than a year–some stuff I really miss from Flash (like code hinting, shorthand operators += and ?: to name two, and being able to draw on the stage without making a ton of extra stuff in the library). But… I’m also loving some stuff in Director:
    –two-way message window to test expressions
    –graphic performance (wow)
    –duplicate(array) man, that comes in handy (were the people at ECMA asleep or what?)
    –file access and high quality / reliable printing

    There must be more…

    It’s an app for a sports equipment maker… they can search through a database of products and place them on a display wall (for the retailer) then print it out. Lots of rules as to how the different item types (skis or ski boots for example) can be placed on the wall. It automatically finds a place for the item–plus lets you snap it to one of 1000s of other slots.

    Also teaching two scripting classes: one for 4 high school students and one for adults in a continuing education program. It’s pretty amazing how much more a young person’s brain can accept and apply technical information.

    For play: I got this new gadget: and I’m ripping all my CDs at high quality. Plus I’m ripping a bunch from the library (I figure it’s legal because I pay taxes).


  7. Building a Flash 04 – based GUI for a high-end business jet cabin control system. The project is sweet but the hardware (CE.NET based touchscreen) leaves much to be desired (new PDA’s are more powerful). In a year or so the rich-and-famous will be checking the level of their lavatory from my Flash GUI. Sweet.

  8. Work:
    App Framework/Architecture stuff,

    Bug support for our alpha apps

    Star Wars Galaxies, grinding holos for Jedi =)

    Making clone games: Pong, Mario, etc when I’m feeling creative.

    Giving up on spam on my blog.

    GOF Design Patterns (Again)

    Rapid Application Development (Same guy who did code complete)

    I try not to do any Flash related contract work at home. It allows me to put all my energy into my projects I have at work. (Unless of course the contract work is just too cool to pass up.) i.e. games!

  9. wow… busy all day

    – finishing 2 flashy desktop application
    – Designing my division website
    – gathering all information for website case study

    – design and coding for event organizer website
    – coding on flash+php photo album
    – coding dvd/vcd library

    that makes me nuts enough to eat a lot of ice cream :P

  10. work:
    building php modules to our CRM.
    ocasional flash apps to sync databases.

    mysql full client with flash gui (almost done).

  11. Looking to get busier:

    developping OO applications for online auction company

    – developing online CBT for insurance company
    – webmaster for online gaming site
    – flash-based cms
    – flash photo site

    that’s all for now

  12. Work-
    Building F8 GUIs for the redesign.
    Consolidating (trying to) the millions of XML files.

    – Flex 2/Cairngorm 2/Ruby App for the most procrastinated project in the world.
    – Falling love with Flex 2/AS 3.
    – Trying to master the art of balancing work/home project/life.

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