Adding to the Fireworks Wish-List

This is really a note to myself so I don’t forget to post later as I’m currently busy, but still don’t want to forget these things:

– when merging a layer down, keep the name of the layer that is on top; even Photoshop doesn’t do it. Currently, it just blanks out the name.
– when bringing in a PNG into Flash that has symbols in it, Fireworks does not keep the Symbol names nor the bitmap names; maybe make the bitmap names the slice names or the name of the layer they were on
– support Adobe Photoshop CS files and 16bit ones at that
– if your symbol is an “animation”, bring it into Flash as a movie clip, not a graphic

2 Replies to “Adding to the Fireworks Wish-List”

  1. Your wish is my command. It’ll have to be blank (no stylesheet) for now till I get time, but hopefully you can read the datebased and category templates now (those were the ones that were messed up).

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