Hand over the TabBar, and no one gets hurt…

Ok, Macromedia’s been holding out. Discussing some Flash stuff with some colleague?s and it seems they have a component I, and another developer don’t in their copy of Flash MX 2004 Pro: TabBar.

Now, it’s not in the StandardComponents.fla, which is the source components, and I just heard there is also no TabView.as file in mx > controls in the classpath. Anyway, it’s a Halo version of the TabView component (DRK 3, Component Set 5).

Frankly, I WANT IT! Is this a DevNet subscription only type of thing?

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  1. I am subscribed to DevNet and got DRK 5, however, I am looking for some documentation on this thing about customizing it (it comes with limited docs). Any suggestions?

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