Online Collaboration Process?

Anyone know of any online collaboration processes? The goal is to allow two to many developers to work together on a project.

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  1. I would strongly suggest taking a project manager course if you are interested in increasing your knowledge of managing a project or finding new ways that you can improve on the flow of a project. There are a lot of options out there, and I guess some of them are certain types of software that are mentioned above. But, just because you have a hammer doesn’t mean you know how to use, just how you think you want to use it. It’s amazing the progress you can make (doesn’t need to be live) when you have a strong grasp of the principles of managing (not saying you don’t) projects with teams of 2 or more. This of course doesn’t mean you have to take over the managing job, but you can definitely make a difference in the flow of things if you can divert more attentiong in what you have to do, instead of wondering if you have to do or if somebody has already done it or… well you know what I mean.

    just a couple of thoughts there.

  2. subethaedit… yummy… hopefully, ‘howl’ will make that possible on win/linux soon.

    back to your post though, jester, as with your “Darron programmer methodology” stuff, it definitely helps to have the big picture of your app before setting to work on it.

    by clearly setting out the interfaces/channels of communication (non-UI), you can string your app together and actually see it working without writing any implementation code. You can then happily share the implementations between yourselves.

    now, you might misconstrue what i just said to mean i am advocating phase-based development (design phase, implementation phase etc)… yes and no. i do agree to phase-based development (which is essentially the waterfall model), but do not agree with the arbitrary boundaries that are set between phases… so a good mix of the waterfall model and evolutionary approaches is more what i am glueing to.

    as to your question of skill vs desire, i’d say all this “Darron programmer methdoloty” stuff is not hard stuff, and the skill improves a lot with practice, and so desire is a must have

  3. Graeme, cool, I DON’T know much about Project Management. I know what doesn’t work, but not what works. At school, they are teaching business stuff, but so far not project management. I’ve done leadership & management, communication, and am now in marketing. Hopefully, they’ll do Project Management, but I guess I’ll just see if there is some class I can sign up for around town. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Hi there good guy. Here is my contribution to your quest for a project collaboration tool. Seems pretty good, free – open source too!

    This is the link to the demo. You can check out the rest of the info for specifics on the site.


    Miss you guys there! Take care & hope this may be of some value to you.

  5. Hi,
    actually the best for me is :
    easy to use, complete and really powerfull.
    the best argument: everybody could use this tool even if they’re not computer addict.
    ps: free for 5 users
    ps2: little bit hard to install.

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