Xmen/Mutant & Coding Analogy

Another genius thought created while day dreaming in morning, Atlanta traffic.

Xavier = Class
Spiderman = Prototype
Wolverine = ActionScript 2

… I know, Spiderman isn’t from the X-men, but I couldn’t think of a mutant that was strictly genectically mutated and had no inborn mutant powers beforehand.

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  1. Sure.

    Xavier is a true mutant. He was born with his physic abilities, much like a class is really a set of blueprints, in this case, modified genetic code.

    Spiderman was a normal class, (Object), until he was genetically mutated while actually alive (at runtime). His abilities were extended above and beyond his normal abilities as a human (adding methods to the prototype).

    Wolverine was both. He started out as a mutant with an accelerated healing factor, and increased senses of smell. His genetics (his class) determined this. However, he was later extended beyond what he was originally intended to be (adamantine skeleton + claws = extending his prototype). AS2 is a lot like that in that in that you can use “mix-ins”, or classes + protoypes.

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