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Finally got the LCService object to work in my 2nd attempt at making a Central app. I was doing myService = LCService vs. myService = Central.LCService. Don’t know why I missed it, but in case your having probs, check that. It was in the manual inside of Flash’s help panel, although in a discreet place. Regardless, still my stupid fault.

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  1. Cool. Glad you got it working. You are actually the second person today who ran into this issue (that I know of).

    Maybe the docs are wrong? Perhaps we should technote this issue?

    mike chambers


  2. The docs are not wrong, but rather, are not consistent. Like, I read the SDK, but in my actual development here, I refer to the Flash Help panel constantly. In there, the LCDataProvider is defined all over the place like:


    Both he and the Central.DataProvider are like that.

    The LCServerice, however, is nothing like that, and only in the example, and in an * asteriked place does it say that Central is implied.

    Again, I should of RTFM, but the tone was set that myServer = LCServer.createServer, etc. was the way to go. It’s written like that all over the docs, but it’s “implied” that your supposed to pre-pend Central. I think that was my problem, really.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Actually, it doesn’t “say” that until the 4th sheet under Central > API Reference > LCService > Security as you scroll down.

    Even the example is that is given on how to do it is wrong… well, only before you read the footnote.

  4. I wrote some of the documentation and I can tell you this is issue in not stated correctly in the docs. I mean, the examples won’t work without “Central.”–right?


  5. Correct. This example is from Central > API Reference > LCService object > About the LCService object sample:

    myService=LCService.createServer( myInterface, owner, true );

    …but that doesn’t work.

    Granted, it’s taken out of context with the 4th page that describes that your supposed to use “Central.” prefacing everything, but how much context does one need to copy and paste an example and expect it to work without a hitch?

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