Motion Man, No More Statcom Neihbors, Bling Bling, LCService Stalemate, & Lack of Follow Up

Dude, I used After Effects most of the day. Talk about a serious change of pace. After a long time (really long) of Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX (for coding), and Visual Source Safe, it’s just a totally different feeling. May not last long, but gonna lay down the funk as much as possible so the peeps at the meeting my co-workers and I have Tuesday with the another dept. are impressed and inspired enough to really get hyped up about what we are working on, therefore making collaboration that much more positive & constructive. Naturally, as much as I loved what I was able to accomplish in a day after such a long absence from using AE, I seemed to have failed once again in my Typography. Her majesty gave me some great suggestions, but I don’t think I can just stick to being an Animator when I’m not coding (or mixing audio); I really need to take a Typography course or two so I can at least get a good jolt in the right direction. It’s gotta be my weakest point next to networking in my skillsets. Thank God for geek friends!

<a href=””>Statcom</a>, a sister company of sorts, had some devs working nearby me (across from my cube, in what I call no-mans-land, QA is on the East Side, I’m on the West SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE with the managers and Vice President of SIS). Erik, the other Flasher that works in my department, said farewell this week as well as the Java guys who I also love to hang with. They headed to the 5th floor (it’s pretty pimp when I went up there), but man, I’m gonna miss just knowing they are there. Yeah, we can still play DoD together, and go to lunch, and play pool in the break room, but… the same reason I miss them is the same reason I love tech-conferences; MORE GEEKS! Change is good, though, and this is for the best as they grow as a company.

Her majesty <a href=””>scanned the rock</a> I got her… no, that is NOT glass…

Dude, 2 new features I GOTTA implement into my blog somehow:
– comment subscriptions & management so you can unsubscribe from a post’s comments (that’s it on the management; wanna keep simple). I have a hard time continuing discussions with people on blogs longer than about an hour as I usually garbage collect my windows and close what I’m not using anymore, thus, closing the blog’s post I was discussing with people (cept for <a href=””>Oscar’s</a>… that mofo has a sweet system, I’m so jealous…).

Sent off the sample app I developed to learn Central to my man <a href=””>D</a>. Got my arsed kicked by LCService (App to Agent I smoked, Agent to App I befuddled). Tomorrow evening, I’ll read <a href=””>that article</a> <a href=””>Mike</a> pointed me to, and hopefully I’ll see the error of my ways. I did everything in Central and had NO problems with any of the code, so didn’t really care about my battle with the Central debugger. That’s what bothers me about LCService… I must have been tired, because I just couldn’t see what I was doing wrong in my Agent. Didn’t matter, the elated high of getting my LCDataProvider to work was a good painkiller.

Off to code Flash for the potential future of my country… :: dun, duh-daa, dahhhhhh!!!! ::

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