Components Panel & MM’s Dual Licensing

First, just installed <a href=””>B-Line Charting components</a> (re cause I lost my old set), and just love the new way components are in nested in the panel. The other way was cool, but when your like me and have 50 million MXP’s installed… it’s just quicker, manxt!

Secondly, I gotta thank MM for their dual install license thing. The fact that I use Dreamweaver at work to code in, Fireworks to edit the interfaces I get, and Flash 2k4 at home just… just frikin’ rules. It’s so convenient. As soon as I get work to upgrade their Studio (:: prays ::), I can then move to my laptop instead, and take my work with me.

Since they’ve been getting some shlcack from a lot of angles, figured I’d voice my appreciation to balance it out. I should voice it before balancing needs being done, but that opening of a new component tree just made me snap. The license thing just… occured to me on the way to work this morning in a pre-coffee stupor. A lot more time for the mind to wander now that I live in Tim-buck-too with Deliverance peeps a stone-throw away.