Framelabel Panel by Tony

Homeskillet Tony MacDonell @ <a href=””></a> made this phat little Flash Panel using JSAPI to jump between frame labels in a Flash movie, very similiar to the Scene panel, but this one you can use without feeling dirty!

<a href=””></a>

Some suggestions I made were:
– provide an error for duplicate frame labels
– differentiate either via different listboxes or an icon if it’s a label, anchor, or comment

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  1. Yes – Thanks you Tony!. And now for the suggestion: it would be nice to have the component as a tree, where scenes would be root nodes, and their labels the leaves. . .

  2. Can’t get it to work on the Mac… Is this a Windows only extension? Any chance of getting the MXI and raw files? Or just the files with a note on where they go.

  3. From my understanding, MXP’s are dual platform. Does it not show up in your list of optional windows?


    Window > Other Panels > [TEK] – Frame Labels


  4. No, doesn’t even let me install it. It comes up saying “This extension package is not compatible with this version of the Macromedia Extension Manager, you need a newer version of the package of the Extension Manager. Please visit the Macromedia Exchange website to obtain a copy. The extension will not be installed.” I’ve got version 1.6.062 which I thought was the latest. I am going to check for a newer version…

  5. Ok, same version that I’ve got installed is the latest according to the MM site, but now I get Invalid Extension file when trying to install it. Not sure what’s going on. I’ve had this before; actually with other extensions from Tony from the Flash Extensibility site. Bit of a bummer.

  6. “From my understanding, MXP’s are dual platform.”

    Yes, but FLAs aren’t. A component built for PC/Mac is only compatible for both when you include the FLAs for both. Plus you have to indicate it in the MXI.

    That’s why the Exchange indicates what platform a component is.

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